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Welcome To UtilitySafe

In today’s increasingly complex security environment, new threats and vulnerabilities to the infrastructure of utilities are rapidly emerging. Whether it’s electric, gas, telecommunications or water, we are dedicated to assisting utilities in meeting these challenges with UtilitySafe.

UtilitySafe is an all-in-one service that enables utility administrators to streamline and accelerate a wide range of routine tasks from one web-based platform:

  • Workforce Management
    Manage day-to-day employee information, locations and assignment tasks.
  • Resource Management
    Register and manage routine tasks associated with contractors, vendors, suppliers and related external personnel.
  • Compliance Management
    Make sure Employees and Resources are aware and maintain compliance with organizational policies and requirements.

UtilitySafe not only augments Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), but can also help in meeting potential Industry Standards, Homeland Security and other regulatory requirements.

3 Easy Steps to Become UtilitySafe Certified

Criminal Background Checks

Vendor applicants are required to submit to background investigations.

Safety Awareness & Testing

Vendor applicants must complete required safety and security awareness tests for their assigned utilities.


Vendor applicants are required to wear UtilitySafe ID Badges when working on utility property. Badges are issued upon successful completion of background investigation and compliance testing.

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