Welcome UtilitySafe Applicants

Complete the Mandated Utility Testing & Training

  1. Receive your utility safety and security awareness training
  2. Take the required safety and security awareness tests
  3. Confirm your personal information is accurate

New User?

Confirm that your employer has submitted your information to the UtilitySafe site. Employers must enter applicant information into the system before site access is permitted.

Returning Users

You can click the button below to go back to the login page, from there, follow the instructions in the UtilitySafe user guide to complete your background screening process.

How to log-on for the first time:


  • Username: Your full last name + two-digit birth month (MM) + two-digit birth date (DD)
  • Password: Your first initial of your first name lower case + full birth year.
    (Example: Username Smith0723 | Password a1975)
    Once you are logged into UtilitySafe, you will be prompted to set your security questions and reset your password.

The password criteria listed below:


  • 8 character minimum
  • Must have at least one (1) capital letter
  • Must have at least one (1) lower case letter
  • Must have at least one (1) symbol (preferably one of the following: @, #, $, %)

Got questions?

Reach out to our dedicated support service by phone or email here:


Appeals / Disputes

If you need assistance logging in please contact support at 877-435-2041 or email support@everifile.com.

You should have received, read, and signed a consent form from your employer, agreeing to this background check investigation.

Please be aware the utility(s) you contract for will be responsible for the decision of access onto their property based upon your background check results.

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